DC-2500 shallow water locators for sale

We supply  Accuracy Efficient and Smart Innovation  technology to locate

              water, geothermal, oil and gas directly

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Our expert staff include MS and PhD graduates from Colorado School of Mines, Stanford University, Rice University, Beijing University, Chinese petroleum University and University of Houston.


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Seismo Electronics

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is to be the leading company in seismoelectric survey, creating value for our clients and employees.

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We aim to do business in a consistent and transparent way with all our clients and we place our clients at the first place.

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We continuously push the boundaries of seismoelectronic method and geoscience to solve the toughest challenges.

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Seismo Electronics have more than 30 clients and 300 commercial cases completed.

We are always looking for motavitive, hard-working, honest people to join our team.

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We utilizes breakthrough technology to locate water, geothermal energy, oil and gas directly.  To date we have completed over 300 commercial cases worldwide.   Seismo Electronics have patented its’ technology both in the US and internationally.


Processed and Interpreted seismoelectric data 70% match well log  (GR. SP)

We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, affordable technology solutions.

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​​We can be touched with one of teams around the world.


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We utilizes unique technology to locate water, geothermal energy, oil and gas directly. Our groundwater surveys have a 90% success rate in predicting water aquifers.

To get deeper seismoelectric data (>4000 feet),the functions of DC-4800 system include:
A) High sensitive receiver.

B) Energy concentrated points P wave seismic source.
C)Seismic and Seismoelectric data processing,

D) Small offset.

The subsurface penetration is 4000 M~ (13123 feet).  Seismo Electronics utilizes a statistic estimating method to interpret the seismoelectric data.  This data is then correlated to well log data providing a 70% correlation coefficient match.

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