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We give accuracy depth and relative permeability to 4000 M and deduced temperature with gradient 

We are special expertise in Seismoelectrics Exploration

Breakthrough technology to locate water, geothermal, oil and gas directly.  Finished 300 commercial cases with 90% success rate on groundwater survey over the world.  patented both in US and international.    

Oil and Gas

Locate reservoir structures with relative permeability, 

especially in

salt dome reservoir, fracture reservoir

Our Unique Approach

From statistic estimating interpreted seismoelectric data is around 70% match the well log. The coast is only 2-3% of well log. We call it “pseudo well log”.  It can project to the seismic profile to help the interpretation of seismic. It also can work independently to build profile, contour map or 3D models either for aquifer or reservoir survey.

Seismo Electronics llc.

Accurate  Efficient   Smart  

​​​​DC-4500 Seismoelectric Ground-flow  Locator  

​​An seismic wave generated electrokinetic potential method and geophysical technology for directly locating groundwater aquifers to deduce the associated geothermal or hydrocarbon reservoir structure with high accuracy, low cost,  site access, portability, and simple operational procedures in the field.

Last 4 years we have carried 300 commercial survey cases over the world with 90% success rate in water survey. The maximum penetration is 4000 M.

We were from Colorado School of Mines, Stanford University, Rice University, Bejing University, Chinese petroleum University and UH with PhD, MS 

Engineering and Environment.

Dam leaking detecting

tunnel prediction,

coal mine water,

fracture detecting