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 We can accurately predict depth and relative permeability to 4000 M and deduced temperature with known gradient

Our specialized expertise is in Seismoelectrics Exploration

Seismo Electronics utilizes breakthrough technology to locate water, geothermal energy, oil and gas directly.  To date we have completed over 300 commercial cases worldwide.  Our groundwater surveys have a 90% success rate in predicting water aquifers.  Seismo Electronics have patented its’ technology both in the US and internationally.

Oil and Gas

 Ability to locate hydrocarbon reservoirs by identifying relative permeability zones. 
Technology is applied to fracture reservoirs and reservoirs in proximity to Salt Domes. Salt dome geometry definition.

 Our Unique Approach

Seismo Electronics utilizes a statistic estimating method to interpret the seismoelectric data.  This data is then correlated to well log data providing a 70% correlation coefficient match.

Seismo Electronics llc.

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​​​​DC-4500 Seismoelectric Ground-flow  Locator  

​​ Our DC-4500 system utilizes geophysical and electrokinetic potential methods to directly locate groundwater aquifers.  Our technology generates a seismic wave that in turn generates a electrokinetic signal that facilitates in identifying groundwater.  Additionally, our technology is capable of delineating geothermal energy and hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs with a high accuracy at a low cost.  The system is simple to operate and is portable, making site access easy.

 During the last 4 years we have performed over 300 commercial survey cases worldwide.  Our water surveys have 90% success rate. The maximum depth of penetration is 4000 M.

 Our expert staff include MS and PhD graduates from Colorado School of Mines, Stanford University, Rice University, Beijing University, Chinese petroleum University and UH. 

Engineering and Environment.

Dam leak detecting

tunnel prediction,

coal mine water,

fracture detecting