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Kazakhstan Oil Field(2015)

From statistic estimating interpreted seismoelectric data is around 70% match the well log. So we call it “pseudo well log”.  It can project to the seismic profile to help the interpretation of seismic. It also can work independently to build profile, contour map or 3D models either for aquifer or reservoir survey.

To the accuracy survey, like tunnel prediction, salt dome volume measurement, we have better survey procedures to increase the accuracy of seismoelectric signal with a higher survey cost.

Seismoelectric DC-4500 Field Survey

SINOPEC geothermal(2014)

​Seismoelectric Interpreted Data Compare with Well Log(GR&SP)

Shengli Oil field(2015)


       Current geophysical survey methods include seismic, EM, gravity, magnetic and well log, etc. For oil and groundwater survey, the goal of any geophysical survey method is drilling wells based on its survey results. Current geophysical methods use well logs to correct their survey results, but none of them is able to compare their results with well log. 

For example, EM cannot give accurate depth data below 500 M. Due to the principle of EM, its signal decreases with the cubic of distance from the target layers to its receivers. The signal from a 100 M depth aquifer will decrease 1,000,000.00 times compare with the signal from shallow surface water. That will be blocked by strong surface signal. So it is difficult to separate that deeper signal from the strong surface water signal.

Both MT and EM survey the induced second signals are depend on the volume of the aquifer. In dam leaking monitoring, the volume of fracture water is very limited, So it’s too difficult for both the MT and EM to detect small fracture water which can cause huge damage to the dam.
Seismoelectric signal is similar to the seismic signal, it is the function of time. Deeper signal is separated from the shallow signals in time. That makes seismoelectric signal with the ability to detect the accurate depth of geothermal water.

North Sun TX Oil(2015)

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