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- Our  agent and team

Huang, Shau-Yi / Vice President / M.Sc.
All-Star Technology Corporation
1F, #36, Lane 312, Section 2 ChengGong Road,
Neihu District, Taipei 11467, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL : +886-2-8792-8660 EXT 202 FAX : +886-2-8792-6770
Web site : http://www.allstartech.com.tw

Shohei Yoshimoto
Geothermal Development Inc.
YM Shiba-koen Bld 3-4F, 2-3-18 Shiba, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0014, Japan
TEL:+813-6435-2325  FAX:+813-6435-2392
URL: http://www.chinetsu.com

Chi Dong
President & geophysicist 
Seismo  Electronics LLC.
5855 Sovereign Dr.
Houston Texas 77036 USA
Mobile: (+1)832-798-9985

North American

Haoping Huang,

Raleigh, NC USA

Mobil  919 389 4878, haopinghuang@yahoo.com,

​​Visit us at 5855 Sovereign Dr. Houston TX 77036 US. Use the map below to get directions.

Seismo Electronics

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 Angelo Piasentin
Scientific Direction  GeoNeurale
Am Nymphenbad 8  81245 München Germany
angelo.piasentin@GeoNeurale.com  www.GeoNeurale.com
T +49 (0)89 89691118   F +49 (0)89 89691117

Doria L. Kutrubes M.Sc.,P.G
President and Sr. Geophysicist
RSI Geophysics for People and the Enviroment
51 Riverview Avenue, Waltham. MA 02453-3819
TEL(781)736-0550 /FAX (781)734-0004
doria@radar-solutions.com / www.radar-solution.com
Mobil: (617) 308-6615