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DC-4800/4500  High accuracy groundwater locators offer franchise program

The seismoelectric survey is a new and advanced technology combines the electro kinetic potential method with seismic. DC-4500 Seismoelectric Ground-Flow Locator receives both seismic signal and seismoelectric signal generated by the same seismic source.

Since 2011, Seismo Electronic has carried out over 400 commercial cases including locating water, geothermal and hydrocarbons around world with 90% success rate in groundwater surveys.  Our interpreted seismoelectric data is 70% match with well logs but only 2%of the cost. We can detect deeper saturated fractures in complex formation structures with a very high successful rate.

We are developing franchise programs to conduct seismoelectric survey. We will support our franchisee in technology, marketing materials and online marketing strategy. We are looking for the respective partners  

SeismoElectronics LLC.  are supporting its franchisee:  

Technology document

Fundamental theory.

Work flow


Data processing and interpretation.

Successful cases

Previous clients’ references


PPT presentation







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