Seismo Electronics

Oil &Gas

Case History 4: Oil and Gas survey 

Seismoelectric used in extending mature oil field with a hot igneous rock as the reservoir.  Additional successful drilling based on our seismoelectric study further proved the applicability of our technology to oil and gas exploration

Case History 2: Oil and Gas survey in Kazakhstan 2016   

Fractured carbonates and sandstones in a compressional regime of Jurassic and Triassic age.

Case History 1: Sheng Li Oilfield Reservoir (2015).  

Seismoelectric data correlated to seismic profile:  Process and interpreted Seismoelectric data is correlated to the Sledu-well log data to help in seismic interpretation of Sheng Li field. A total of 3 well locations were analyzed with accurate depth and hydrocarbon prediction results.  2 of these were performed in the prediction control area and 1 in the known calibration area.

Lockheart Area

Rock Dale TX

Case History 3: Edergely Field, Louisiana, USA (2012)

Our Seismoelectric technology was used to define deeper hydrocarbon accumulations beneath salt.

Over 400 field and laboratory sites have been tested. A preponderance of data demonstrates exceptional accuracy. 

Some representative projects are illustrated below: