Over 400 field and laboratory sites have been tested. A preponderance of data demonstrates exceptional accuracy. 

Some representative projects are illustrated below:

Case History 4: Oil and Gas survey 

Seismoelectric used in extending mature oil field with a hot igneous rock as the reservoir.  Additional successful drilling based on our seismoelectric study further proved the applicability of our technology to oil and gas exploration

Lockheart Area

Rock Dale TX

Case History 3: Edergely Field, Louisiana, USA (2012)

Our Seismoelectric technology was used to define deeper hydrocarbon accumulations beneath salt.

Seismo Electronics

Oil &Gas

Case History 2: Oil and Gas survey in Kazakhstan 2016   

Fractured carbonates and sandstones in a compressional regime of Jurassic and Triassic age.

Case History 1: Sheng Li Oilfield Reservoir (2015).  

Seismoelectric data correlated to seismic profile:  Process and interpreted Seismoelectric data is correlated to the Sledu-well log data to help in seismic interpretation of Sheng Li field. A total of 3 well locations were analyzed with accurate depth and hydrocarbon prediction results.  2 of these were performed in the prediction control area and 1 in the known calibration area.