Seismo Electronics

Seismoelectric survey locate saturated Faults and Fractures

In the Liano intrusive area, the old igneous rock almost exposes to the ground surface, cut down all aquifers. There are some fractures along North-East to South-West saturated with water. Only exactly drilled above the fractures, there is water. Even 5 M away from the fractures, it will be a dry hole.    

The Blackjack ranch is in this intrusive area.  they got 4 dry holes before we did survey. In April 2011, we designed a seismoelectric (SE) survey along the fracture. After 2 days survey, they drilled a well with 14 gallon/hours. That is enough for a family. 

Saturated faults and fractures can be good aquifers or reservoirs.  It is a problem to detect saturated faults and fractures for traditional geophysical survey. In the EM or MT survey, the induced second EM field signal are limited due to the limited volumes of the saturated faults and fractures. To the seismic survey make use of the polarization of seismic wave to detect the direction of faults and fractures is complex and not sure the saturation of the faults or fractures.

The seismoelectric  survey is based on 1 dimensional. Instead of the volume of the anomaly, seismoelectric survey get the flow saturation from only one point. It is able to detect very thin aquifers ( 2 inches). And is a good tools to detect fracture or faults flow zone.