L.Hebenstreit Groundwater Tanzania, Africa
Nicehm Groundwater Hatti
Blackjack Ranch Groundwater Llano, Texas, USA
alt Groundwater Hatti
Thrail Oilfield Oil Texas, USA
Lockhard Oilfield  Oil Texas, USA
Stephan DURGEne Groundwater Hatti
jamedee Groundwater Hatti
AJ Groundwater Hatti
SD Groundwater Hatti
Jamedee Groundwater Hatti
AJ Groundwater Hatti

Oil &Gas  Project 2: North Sun Oil survey Texas USA 2015

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Edgerly Oilfield  Oil Louisiana, USA
AA Groundwater Hatti
jb Groundwater Hatti
A.P. Yang Oil Rockdale, Texas, USA
stephan Groundwater Hatti
rd Groundwater Hatti
sd Groundwater Hatti
Prism Geoimaging Inc. Groundwater Indiana, USA
Sinopec Group, China Geothermal Houston, Texas, USA
Ross Oil Angelina, Texas, USA
Willowstick Groundwater Beaver Dam, Utah, USA
Shengli Oil field Oil   Shan Dong P.R. CHINA
Kazakhstan Oil
North SUN Oil​  Texas   USA

Geothermal Development Inc. Japan.

Groundwater Project 1: Haiti
 We have already worked on more than 230 survey sites (with DC-4500) in Haiti with 95% success rate since 2011. More than 230 water wells were drilled. Most of seismoelectric surveys were performed in Port-au-Prince.

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Seismo Electronics

Oil &Gas  Project 6: Lockhard Texas Oil survey 2012​​

Groundwater Project 4: Deer Dam Water survey Utah 2014

Groundwater Project 2: Llano Texas Groundwater 2012

Oil &Gas  Project 5: Rockdale Texas Oil 2013​​

Oil &Gas  Project 1: Kazakhstan Oil survey 2015

Groundwater Project 3: Black Jack Ranch Fracturing water location.
 In this old rock intrusive area, water only shows up if the drilling well is exactly above the fracture.       In the Blackjack ranch, our clients got 4 dry holes before we did our survey, After 2 days of seismoelectric survey, they drilled a well based on our survey results and got water of 14 gallon/minutes. 

Geothermal Japan projects     2017-2018

Oil &Gas  Project 7: Tharil Oil​​


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Oil &Gas  Project 4: Edgely Reservoir below Salt Domes 2014 ​​

Oil &Gas  Project 3: Shengli Oil survey